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In this article, we go over common BMW noises and possible causes. 

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If your BMW is making unusual noises, getting the car diagnosed as soon as possible is important. Certain car problems can put your safety at risk. 

BMW Makes Noise When Braking

bmw makes noise when braking

If your BMW is making a noise when braking, the most probable cause is worn brake pads. You should also note the brake pad warning message on the iDrive screen.  

If the vehicle has been parked for a long time, it is normal to hear a rubbing noise when you drive the car. The noise is due to rust built up on the rotors. 

Another problem that can cause noises when braking is bad control arm bushing or worn sway bar links. 

BMW Makes Noise When Unlocking

bmw makes noise when unlocking

If your BMW makes noise when unlocking, the most likely cause is a bad lock actuator. 

The noise can also be from the climate control (fan inside the control unit that sucks air to measure the cabin temperature), SMG pump (pumping the transmission fluid), fuel system priming, Valvetronic servomotor, eccentric valve sensor.

BMW Makes Noise When Turning Steering Wheel

BMW Noise When Turning Steering Wheel

If your BMW is making a whining noise, the most likely cause is low power steering fluid.

Other problems include a bad power steering pump.

You may also hear noise when turning the steering wheel due to a bad steering wheel column, bearing, steering shaft collar bushing, which makes a rubbing sound.

BMW Makes Noise at Low Speed 

BMW Makes Noise at Low Speed 

If your BMW is making noise when turning your wheels at low speed, your suspension is the most common problem.

Other possible causes include a power steering pump, water pump, time belt tensioner.

BMW Makes Noise When Accelerating 

BMW Noise When Accelerating 

If your BMW makes noise when accelerating, the most likely cause is a worn drive belt or pulley bearing. You will hear a squeaking noise in most cases, which eventually goes away as the engine warms up. 

Other possibilities include alternator pulley, whistling noise from the turbine, clutch release bearing, belt tensioner, transmission oil level, or torque-converter.

BMW Makes Noise After You Turn It Off

BMW Makes Noise After Turning Off

If your BMW is making noise after you turn off the engine, the most likely cause is the engine cooling fan that stays on for a few minutes to cool down the engine. 

Other possibilities include the HVAC system, stepper motors, fuel pump returning fuel to the tank, turbo cooling pump.

BMW Makes Noise When Driving

BMW Noise When Accelerating 

If you hear noise when driving, the most likely cause is a bad wheel bearing. The noise is typically described as a humming noise and gets louder when going around a curve.

Other possibilities include bad CV Joint, bearings(will usually change in sound at a constant speed with a light application of brakes), differential, driveshaft, brake pads (if you press noise should disappear), bad tires, fan blower motor(whistling noise), bad transmission, clutch release bearing, etc. 

BMW Makes Noise When Opening Door

bmw noise open door

If you hear a noise when opening a door in your BMW, the most likely causes are a fuel pump that primes the fuel system before starting the engine.

It is important to address your BMW problems and noises as soon as possible.

Certain BMW noises can be an indication of a bigger car problem. Ignoring BMW noises can not only lead to unnecessary damage but, even worse, put your safety at risk. 

Have a mechanic diagnose your BMW if it is making unusual noises. Don't ignore the problem even if the car drives fine.