In this guide, you will learn how to check the brake fluid level on a Honda Fit. 

Honda Fit vehicles use DOT3 brake fluid type. Always check the recommended brake fluid level by looking at the cap of the brake fluid reservoir. 

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  1. Open the engine hood, and locate the brake fluid reservoir in the engine bay, on the driver side near the firewall. brake fluid reservoir


  2. To check the fluid, see the level on the markings, MAX (Full) and MIN (Low) indicated on the side of the reservoir. Make sure that the brake fluid is not beyond the low-level indicator to prevent getting air in the brake fluid line. brake reservoir indicator
  3. To add the brake fluid, twist the reservoir cap and pour the specific brake fluid for Honda Fit. The recommended brake fluid is usually indicated in the cap; for this vehicle, we must use DOT 3 OR DOT 4, fresh from the container, so there is no moisture inside. undo the cap reservoir
  4.  Put the cap back on. Observe your braking performance. If there is something out of the ordinary, recheck the brake fluid level, and if it decreased you have to get your car diagnosed. Some of the possible causes of low brake fluid level could be your brake pad condition, or there might be a leak from the braking system.

Checking the brake fluid level on a Honda Fit is very easy and takes less than five minutes. Do not drive the vehicle if the BRAKE light stays on even after brake fluid is added. Call an auto mechanic and ask for help with what you need to do next.

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