Top 5 Best OBD2 Scanners for Nissan Infiniti

Best OBD2 Scanner for Nissan

Looking for the best OBD2 scanner for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles? This guide provides some of the best OBD-II diagnostic scanners for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.

These OBD2 scanners offer multi-system diagnostics, meaning they can read and clear codes from the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and other systems such as the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), transmission, Airbag, etc.

1. YOUCANIC Full System Scanner


We tested a lot of scanners trying to find the best scanner to use in our garage. What we found is that:

  • Many scanner manufacturers make scanners that require a yearly subscription.
  • Can diagnose one make but doesn’t work on all different car makes. You will have to pay more to cover other vehicle makes.
  • Can’t diagnose all vehicle systems. May only diagnose the engine, airbag, transmission, and ABS problems. That’s only 4 systems. Modern cars can have up to 40+ systems.
  • Don’t support bi-direction support for sensor testing and activation.

If you wanted a scanner that can do all these, you have to spend thousands of dollars and most likely pay a yearly subscription.

So we decided to launch the YOUCANIC full system scanner that works on all makes and models.

The YOUCANIC full system scanner:

  • Works on all makes.
  • Can read and clear codes from all vehicle control units.
  • View live data from any sensor.
  • Bi-direction support to activate and test sensors and motors.
  • Reset functions depending on model

If that is not enough, keep in mind that the YOUCANIC scanner does not require a yearly subscription as other professional-level tools do. We believe that the YOUCANIC scanner offers the best OBD2 for the money for auto mechanics and DIYers.

Don’t want to buy a scanner? We still want to help you fix your vehicle in an economical way. We created a scanner rental program that allows you to use the scanner for a few days on as many cars as you like.

We have a ton of how-to video showing you how to troubleshoot car problems. Once you get the codes, the YOUCANIC technicians can help you with any questions you may have.

2. Autel MaxiCOM Professional Scanner

best nissan scanner

Autel MaxiCOM, such as MK808, is undoubtedly one of the diagnostic scanners for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Not only will it be able to read and clear code fault codes from all the systems in your car, but on top of that, it can perform bi-directional control.

The only other scanner in this list covering all the systems and can perform bi-directional communication is the Nissan Consult scanner used at the Nissan Dealerships.

Sure it is one of the more expensive Nissan scanners we list here, but on the other hand, it is one of the cheapest professional scanners for Nissan. Professional scanners for Nissan, such as Snap-On Solus, cost thousands of dollars, while MaxiCOM is affordable by only a few hundred.

3. Nissan Consult III Diagnostic Tool

nissan consult 3

The Nissan Consult is the diagnostic scan tool used at Nissan and Infiniti dealers. Up to the mid-2000, Nissan/Infinity dealers used what is called Consult 2, which was a handheld scanner. It provided in-depth diagnostics and was able to reflash the ECU.

Nissan Consult 3 diagnostic scanner requires a laptop and is the scanner that replaced Consult 2. To use Consult 3, you will need the training to use the software that comes with it. At the time of this writing, Nissan moved from Consult 3 to Consult 3 Plus.

Consult 3 Plus is the current diagnostic scanner used at Nissan and Infiniti dealerships. It can diagnose all systems and perform reprogramming on Nissan vehicles. Visit the official website for more information on Nissan Connect III Plus.

Of course, Consult 3 Plus is the best diagnostic scanner for Nissan, but it is too expensive for most car owners.

4. iCarsoft Diagnostic Scanner

nissan code reader scanner

iCarsoft CR Plus is a mid-level diagnostic scanner that can troubleshoot four systems: Engine, SRS Airbag, ABS, and transmission.

iCarsoft CR Plus is easy to use and works with Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Supports other vehicles as well.

Besides being able to read and clear codes from the four systems mentioned above, it can also perform several additional features such as resetting the oil light service reminder, resetting the brake pad reminder, steering angle calibration and resetting.

5. AutoLink MD802 Scanner

There are two versions of the MD802. One that only scans the ABS/SRS/ECU and TCU. The more advanced scanner can scan all systems. Our recommendation would be to go with MD802 All System version.

The MD802 is part of the MaxiDiag Elite Series. It works on many European, Asian, and Domestic vehicles produced from 1996 until now.

It features a one-button complete system auto scan and quickly erases function to clear all the fault codes. If you would like to check vehicle coverage, you can look at this file: Autel MaxiDIAG Nissan system coverage.

What is the best scanner for Nissan and Infiniti cars?

If you are a Nissan enthusiast or a mechanic looking for a good professional diagnostic scanner, the YOUCANIC full system scanner is a powerful diagnostic tool. It offers a lot of features and functionality that you only get from dealer-level scanners.

If you are on a tight budget and are only trying to troubleshoot the Check Engine Light (CEL), visit your local auto parts store, and they will read your codes free of charge.

We hope you find the Top 5 Best OBD2 Scanners for Nissan Infiniti guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Nissan.


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