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Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

Is there a warning light displaying on your Nissan dashboard? Learn the warning light’s meaning and possible solutions to fix the problem by reading the list below.

This guide shows the warning lights on the Nissan dashboard.



Nissan Charging SystemCharging System

If the battery warning light comes on while the engine is running, it may indicate the charging system is not functioning properly. Turn off the engine and check the generator (alternator) belt is in working condition. Do not continue driving if the belt is loose, broken, or missing. Take the vehicle to a mechanic and have the charging system tested.

Common causes of the charging system light on a Nissan vehicle:

  • Alternator not charging
  • Bad battery not holding charge
  • Loose battery cable

Nissan Brake Trouble IndicatorsBrake Trouble 

If the brake light is on, the brake system may need to be serviced. We do not recommend driving the vehicle with the brake light on. Use your best judgment to determine if the vehicle is safe to drive. If in need of repairs, have the vehicle towed to the shop; driving in this condition could be dangerous.

Common causes of the brake indicator light on a Nissan vehicle:

  • Brake system malfunction
  • Low brake fluid level
  • The parking brake is on (light may illuminate yellow instead of red in this case)

Nissan Low Oil PressureLow Oil Pressure

This light warns of low engine oil pressure. It is an indicator of insufficient oil pressure through the oil passages and main bearings of the engine. It is not an indication of a low oil level. Do not drive with this light on; immediately pull over and turn off the engine. Tow your vehicle to a trained mechanic or Nissan dealer. Running the engine with this indicator could cause almost immediate and serious harm to the engine.


Nissan Engine Temperature IndicatorEngine Temperature Indicator

Engine overheating warning light is an indicator of the vehicle coolant temperature overheating. Check the temperature gauge to see if the vehicle is running hot. Pull the vehicle over and refer to the owner’s manual or a guide on checking the vehicle’s coolant level safely once the engine cools down. Take the vehicle to a mechanic to find the coolant leak or other potential overheating problems. 

Common causes of the engine temperature indicator light on a Nissan vehicle:

  • Coolant hose, heater core, or radiator leak
  • Bad thermostat or cooling fans
  • Faulty engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Major problems could include a head gasket
  • Water pump failure.

Nissan Seat Belt ReminderSeat Belt Reminder

This is a reminder to fasten the front driver or passenger’s seatbelt. An audible chime can usually be heard indicating this.



When the vehicle is first turned on, it is normal for this warning light to illuminate for approximately seven seconds. If the light stays on after this time has passed, the vehicle’s safety restraint system needs to be serviced by a mechanic. It is not recommended to service this yourself as airbags can involuntarily deploy/discharge, causing injury or even death. If you decide to troubleshoot the airbag system yourself, make sure to use an Airbag OBD-II Scanner to read the codes. It is important to have serviced, so all airbags function properly in case of an accident. 


Nissan Security IndicatorsSecurity Indicator

This light should blink every three seconds when the vehicle is either OFF, LOCK, or in the AUTO ACC position, indicating it is functioning normally. 


Nissan Electronic Power Steering Trouble IndicatorElectronic Power Steering Trouble Indicator

When turning the vehicle ignition to the ON position, this indicator will illuminate; after starting the engine, the indicator light will go off. If it stays on, this indicates the power steering system needs to be checked and serviced. Driving with the power steering system not functioning will require greater steering effort; it is best to have the vehicle towed to a shop. 



Nissan Door AjarDoor Ajar

The door ajar indicator stays illuminated when any of the doors or trunks are not closed properly. If this indicator does not go off even after closing the door properly, it may be caused by worn-out latches in the door or a faulty door ajar sensor.

Common causes of the door ajar indicator light on a Nissan vehicle:

  • Worn-out door latches/strikers
  • Faulty door ajar sensor

Nissan Master Warning LightMaster Warning Light

When the ignition is ON or the vehicle is running, the master warning light illuminating could mean a variety of different warnings. Check the vehicle’s information display for any messages, and check if any other warning lights are on the dash. 

Common causes of the master warning light on a Nissan vehicle:

  • No key warning
  • Low windshield-washer fluid warning
  • Parking brake release warning 
  • Door/trunk open warning
  • Loose fuel cap
  • Low tire pressure warning

Nissan Electric Park Brake IndicatorsElectric Park brake Indicator

This light indicates the parking brake is on. Can illuminate either red or yellow in color. If the parking brake is off, this light indicates the parking brake system needs to be serviced. 

Common causes of the electronic park brake indicator light on a Nissan vehicle:

  • Park brake module failure
  • Improper cable adjustment
  • Worn-out/low park brake shoes
  • Greater electrical/wiring failure

Nissan Brake Hold IndicatorBrake Hold Indicator

This light is an indicator of the automatic brake hold system working properly when certain conditions, such as stop-and-go traffic, are met. When it is green, the brake hold is applied. When it is white, the system is on stand-by. 


Nissan Hood Ajar IndicatorHood Ajar Indicator

The hood ajar indicator can be an indication of the hood is left open. If the hood is not shut properly, it is possible it can fly up at highway speeds, causing a wreck. Make sure the hood latch is functioning and locking properly. 

Common causes of the hood ajar indicator light on a Nissan vehicle:

  • The Hood is not shut all the way.
  • Hood latch misaligned, loose, or broken, not closing properly.
  • Hood ajar sensor or wiring faulty

Nissan Access or Start Fault IndicatorKeyless Access / Start Fault Indicator

This is an indicator that the intelligent key is faulty or not detected. If the vehicle is running, it is possible to drive to a mechanic/dealer as long as the vehicle is not turned off to have it serviced. 

Common causes of the keyless access start fault indicator light on a Nissan vehicle:

  • The intelligent key battery is dead.
  • The intelligent key has been damaged or is faulty.
  • It is also possible the module reading the key fob is faulty, but it is less likely. 

Nissan Low Key Battery IndicatorLow Key Battery Indicator

This indicator light means the intelligent key battery is low and needs to be changed. Refer to the owner’s manual for the type of battery and follow this guide to learn how to change it.


Nissan Engine Start Operation IndicatorEngine Start Operation Indicator

This indicator means that the brake pedal needs to be pushed to start the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is in the park position. If the pedal is stiff from pumping it up, it may not engage the brake switch for this indicator to go off. Push the brake pedal harder or wait for the pressure to dissipate before trying to push the pedal. 

Common causes of the engine start operation indicator light on a Nissan vehicle:

  • The brake pedal is not depressed far enough.
  • The brake switch is faulty.

Nissan Check Engine LightCheck Engine Light

The dreaded check engine light. This is an indicator light that is a sign of a greater problem with the vehicle. It will only turn on when a vehicle has recognized there is a significant enough problem that has occurred that it needs to be serviced. A code will be stored within the vehicle’s computer to give more detail on the problem at hand. Have a mechanic do a diagnostic or follow this guide to scan the vehicle’s computer for trouble codes to see why the check engine light has turned on.

If the light is steady, it is normally okay to drive for the time being. Do NOT drive the vehicle if the check engine malfunction indicator light (MIL) is blinking. This is usually a sign of misfire and, oftentimes catalytic converter failure, which can lead to massive engine failure if driven. 


Nissan Slip IndicatorSlip Indicator

This indicator will blink when the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system is operating. This is normal and is an indication of the vehicle limiting wheel spin to control the traction. This is normal, and it may be felt or heard while driving the vehicle. Always use caution when driving on slippery surfaces such as rain, snow, or ice.

If the slip indicator or traction control stays on, it means there is a malfunction with this system. The most common problems are faulty abs wheel speed sensors or steering angle sensors may need to be reset. To troubleshoot this problem, read fault codes from the ABS module using an ABS Scanner


Nissan Vehicle Dynamic Control OFF IndicatorVehicle Dynamic Control OFF Indicator

This indicator comes on when the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) is off. It is either off due to malfunction or was manually turned off. It is always recommended to have VDC on to keep the vehicle from slipping and losing control in hazardous situations. It can usually be turned on and off within the information display.

If the light stays on constantly and traction control can not be turned on, the system has been turned off due to a problem with this system or ABS. 


Nissan Anti-Lock Brake System Fault IndicatorAnti-Lock Brake System Fault Indicator (ABS)

If the ABS warning light illuminates while the engine is running or driving, it usually indicates the system is malfunctioning. If it is not working properly, the brake system then operates normally without using ABS. 

Common ABS faults on a Nissan vehicle:

  • Faulty or contaminated ABS ring or sensor
  • Faulty ABS module 
  • Warped rotors
  • Contaminated brake fluid

Nissan Tire Pressure Monitor IndicatorTire Pressure Monitor Indicator

This is an indicator of low tire pressure in one of your vehicle’s tires. Check the vehicle’s information display for which position the tire is in that is low. Fill the tire to correct air pressure and drive a few miles, and the light will turn off on its own. If the light stays on, it may be caused by a faulty TPMS sensor in one of the tires. Take to a mechanic for a diagnostic on which sensor is faulty.

Common TPMS faults on a Nissan vehicle:

  • Low tire pressure/ tire leak
  • Faulty TPMS sensor
  • Faulty TPMS module

Nissan Check Automatic Transmission IndicatorCheck Automatic Transmission Indicator

The automatic transmission check indicator light is a sign of malfunctioning automatic transmission. The problem could lie within the transmission or the many sensors it uses to function. It is best to take it to a mechanic or dealer to have a diagnostic done, and the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for the automatic transmission pulled and the vehicle serviced. In most cases, if this light comes on, the vehicle will put itself into limp mode, and the driver will not be able to go above speeds of 45 mph. It is recommended in this case to have the vehicle towed to a shop.

Common AT Check faults on a Nissan vehicle:

  • Low transmission fluid
  • Faulty solenoids or speed sensors
  • Transmission failure or damage

Nissan Automatic Transmission Park IndicatorAutomatic Transmission Park Indicator

This light means the vehicle’s four-wheel-drive shifter is in neutral. The shifter needs to be put in 4 Low or 4 High to engage the drive gear. This light will also illuminate when there is a malfunction in the park mechanism of the transmission. Have it serviced by a mechanic or the dealer if this is the case.


Nissan Transmission Oil Temperature IndicatorTransmission Oil Temperature Indicator

This warning light is an indicator the automatic transmission is running hot. Pull over immediately and turn off the vehicle. Any overheating of the automatic transmission runs the risk of burning the transmission fluid and completely ruining it. Have the vehicle towed to be serviced at a mechanic/Nissan dealer. 


Nissan Continuously Variable Transmission IndicatorContinuously Variable Transmission Indicator

The CVT warning illuminates when there is a problem with the CVT system. Have the system checked if this warning comes on. Avoid driving with this light on as it could cause more damage. Take it to a mechanic/ Nissan dealer immediately. They will perform diagnostics and read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) stored within the vehicle’s computer. 


Nissan Transmission Warning IndicatorTransmission Warning Indicator

This indicator is a warning to have the transmission of the vehicle serviced. Stop driving the vehicle immediately and have it diagnosed and serviced by a mechanic/ Nissan dealer. 


Nissan Steering Lock Fault IndicatorSteering Lock Fault Indicator

This light is an indicator that the steering lock is functioning properly. It should only be when the key is in the off position and the lock is engaged.


Nissan Blind Spot Information Warning IndicatorBlind Spot Information Warning Indicator

This light shows when the blind-spot warning system is on and other vehicles are detected within the blind spot of the vehicle. This indicator is usually shown on the driver and passenger side mirrors. The BSW can be turned off with the vehicle’s information display. 


Nissan Lane Departure Alert IndicatorLane Departure Alert Indicator

​​​​​​​This light comes on when the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system is engaged. The conditions met for it to engage require the vehicle to drift over the solid white line of the road. 


Nissan Lane Intervention IndicatorIntelligent Lane Intervention Indicator

​​​​​​​This indicator shows when the Intelligent Lane Intervention system (I-Li) is engaged. It will engage when the vehicle is correcting itself back on the road after the system detects it has departed from the driving lane to prevent the vehicle from going off the road. 


Nissan Automatic Emergency Braking IndicatorAutomatic Emergency Braking Indicators

​​​​​​​This warning light indicates the automatic emergency braking system (AEB) has been engaged. The system has detected a possible collision from sensing a vehicle in front that is approaching too quickly. The automatic emergency braking system will automatically take over and decelerate and brake the vehicle to give the driver time to react and prevent a collision. 


Nissan Distance Warning And Vehicle Detection IndicatorDistance Warning and Vehicle Detection Indicators

​​​​​​​This warning light indicates a vehicle that is approaching too quickly in the direction of travel. It is to alert the driver to slow down and not get too close to the vehicles ahead.


Nissan Vehicle Ahead IndicatorVehicle Ahead Indicator

This indicator means there is a vehicle too close within a certain distance ahead. It alerts the driver to increase the following distance to prevent an accident in case of needing to brake suddenly. 


Nissan Steering Assist IndicatorSteering Assist Indicator

​​​​​​​This indicator will appear when lane departure is detected and the steering assist is engaged. It engages when the vehicle departs a lane and needs to correct itself. This can be turned off and will not engage even when lane departure is detected. 


Nissan Automatic Brake IndicatorAutomatic Brake Indicator

Rear Automatic Braking System (RAB) indicator will engage if the vehicle is in reverse with a speed less than nine miles per hour, and it detects a collision from the rear. It uses the Rear Sonar System (RSS) with sensors in the rear bumper to sense any objects or vehicles behind. When it engages, it will automatically brake the vehicle preventing any collision. 


Nissan Intelligent Clearance  Sonar OFF IndicatorIntelligent Clearance Sonar OFF Indicator

​​​​​​​This indicator light means the rear automatic braking system and the rear sonar system are turned off. The vehicle will no longer be able to automatically detect a potential collision and prevent it from occurring. 


Nissan Low Fuel IndicatorLow Fuel Indicator

​​​​​​​This light means the vehicle is close to having an empty fuel tank. Some vehicles will display the approximate amount of miles the vehicle can still be driven before it will completely run out of fuel. It is always wise to fill up on gas without running it too low, as this causes the fuel pump to work even harder when it’s low and can lead to premature failure. 


Nissan Low Washer Fluid IndicatorLow Washer Fluid Indicator

​​​​​​​This light means that the fluid in the windshield washer reservoir is low. Refer to the owner’s manual for the location of the reservoir. Alternatively, you can look under the hood for a blue cap with the same symbol. Check its level and fill appropriately. 


Nissan Drive Mode IndicatorDrive Mode Indicator

​​​​​​​This indicates that the vehicle is in sport mode. This will enhance the throttle response of the vehicle, and it includes higher shift points for bigger revs for a more sporty feel.


Nissan Soft Top IndicatorSoft Top Indicator

​​​​​​​This indicator only shows when the soft top is functioning (being opened or closed). It does not stay on if the soft top is in its fully opened or closed positions. If it is stuck and not operating properly, this light will stay on.


Nissan Low Outside Temperature IndicatorLow Outside Temperature Indicator

An indicator to show that the outside ambient temperatures are below 37 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be turned off in the vehicle’s display options. Refer to the owner’s manual on how to do so.


Nissan All Wheel Drive Trouble IndicatorAll Wheel Drive Trouble Indicator

​​​​​​​The all-wheel-drive trouble indicator is illuminated when the vehicle’s AWD system needs to be service. The vehicle will only function in front-wheel drive. This indicator also means there is a diagnostic trouble code stored in the vehicle’s body control module. Only a mechanic/dealer with the right equipment will be able to diagnose it.


Nissan Diff LockDiff Lock

​​​​​​​The diff lock indicator is usually only available on four-wheel-drive vehicles. This means the diff is locked so that the axle will not spin the wheels independently of one another. This builds maximum traction for towing, pulling, or getting unstuck from the mud. 


Nissan 4-Wheel Drive Indicator4-Wheel Drive Indicator

The 4LO indicator means the vehicle is engaged in four-wheel-drive low gear—ideal for the most torque and traction when pulling really heavy loads or getting unstuck. 


Nissan 4 WD Shift Indicator4WD Shift Indicator

​​​​​​​The 4WD (four-wheel-drive) indicator light means there is a problem within the transfer case of the 4WD system. Diagnostic Trouble Codes will be store on the vehicle’s computer. However, it will likely take a special scan tool from a mechanic/dealer to retrieve them. It is ideal to have a transmission shop to diagnose this kind of problem.


Nissan Diesel Particulate Filter IndicatorDiesel Particulate Filter  Indicator

​​​​​​​The diesel particulate filter indicator comes on when there is a build-up of excessive soot in the particulate filter. This condition needs to be serviced; neglecting to do so could cause it to build up even more when the vehicle doesn’t run or goes into limp mode. The soot will either have to be cleared or the exhaust system replaced. 


Nissan Water In Fuel IndicatorWater In Fuel Indicator

​​​​​​​The water in fuel indicator detects any water within the diesel fuel tank by the fuel filter. This needs to be serviced. Excess water can be drained, the fuel filter replaced, or the entire system drained and replaced.


Nissan Hill Descent Control IndicatorHill Descent Control Indicator

​​​​​​​The hill descent control indicator lamp turns on when the system turns on. It engages the brakes and controls vehicle speed on declines that are too steep for the vehicle to speed down. 


Nissan Check Suspension IndicatorCheck Suspension Indicator

​​​​​​​The check suspension indicator means there is a fault within the suspension system. It should be serviced by the dealer or a mechanic to fix the problem. 


Nissan SPORT Drive Mode IndicatorSPORT Drive Mode Indicators

​​​​​​​This indicates that the vehicle is in sport mode. This will enhance the throttle response of the vehicle, and it includes higher shift points for bigger revs for a more sporty feel.


Nissan Snow Mode IndicatorSnow Mode Indicator

​​​​​​​The snow mode indicator means the vehicle is in snow mode. It controls the vehicle’s throttle response to be less aggressive, and the RPMs and shifts point to be lower to give maximum traction in slippery conditions.


Nissan Tow Mode IndicatorTow Mode Indicator

​​​​​​​The tow mode indicator means the vehicle will only go in low gear to give maximum torque and pulling power.


Nissan Overdrive OFF IndicatorOverdrive OFF Indicator

​​​​​​​The overdrive-off indicator means that the vehicle’s automatic transmission will not engage in overdrive gears. This can be engaged and disengaged by the driver. However, if it can not be returned to on, it indicates a greater problem with the automatic transmission.


Nissan EV Mode IndicatorEV Mode Indicator 

​​​​​​​The EV mode means the hybrid vehicle runs on battery power, and the gas-powered engine is turned off. This indicator means the hybrid vehicle is working properly.


Nissan Hybrid Ready Indicator Hybrid Ready Indicator

​​​​​​​The ready indicator light on a hybrid vehicle means that the electric systems checks have passed, and the vehicle functions normally. It is ready for use, aka driving.


Nissan EV Operation Indicator EV Operation Indicator

​​​​​​​The EV operation indicator means the hybrid vehicle is using battery power to function. When this light goes off, it is likely the electric motor needs to kick on to provide enough acceleration when pressing on the throttle.


Nissan Power Limitation IndicatorPower Limitation Indicator

​​​​​​​The power limitation indicator is a sign that the hybrid vehicle is running out of power. It results in lower vehicle speed. Safely pull over to get towed to recharge the battery.


Nissan Charge IndicatorCharge Indicator

​​​​​​​The charge indicator means the hybrid vehicle’s main battery is being charged. 


Nissan EV Fault IndicatorEV Fault Indicator

​​​​​​​The EV fault indicator is the hybrid vehicle’s equivalent of a check engine light. Take the vehicle to get serviced. Do NOT try to service a hybrid vehicle unless you are an expert. Accidents can lead to high voltage shock causing death. Take it to a trained professional. 


Nissan Remote Charge Timer Setting IndicatorRemote Charge Timer Setting Indicator 

​​​​​​​The remote charge timer indicator shows that a time has been set for a hybrid vehicle to be charged. This time can be set with the owner’s preference in mind. While it’s plugged in and this timer is set, the vehicle will charge at the set time. 


Nissan Cruise Control IndicatorCruise Control Indicator

​​​​​​​The cruise control indicator means that the cruise control is turned on and the system is functioning. The speed at which the cruise control is active can now be set.


Nissan Intelligent Cruise Control IndicatorIntelligent Cruise Control Indicator 

​​​​​​​The intelligent cruise control indicator shows that the intelligent cruise control (ICC) is active. This enhanced version of cruise control will use the car’s forward-looking radar sensors to prevent any collision with vehicles detected ahead. 


Nissan Headlamp Indicator Headlamp Indicator

​​​​​​​The headlamp indicator means the normal headlamps are active. This indicator will go off when the vehicle’s headlights are turned off.


Nissan Automatic High Beam IndicatorAutomatic High Beam Indicator

​​​​​​​The automatic high beam indicator stays on when the high beam headlights are set to turn on automatically. This can be turned off, and the indicator will go off when it is not active.


Nissan Park Lamps ON IndicatorPark Lamps ON Indicator

​​​​​​​The park lamps indicator shows that the parking lamps are running.


Nissan Fog Lamp IndicatorFog Lamp Indicator

​​​​​​​The fog lamp indicator stays on only when the fog lamps are activated. 


Nissan Turn Signal IndicatorTurn Signal Indicator 

The turn signal indicator turns on and flashes when the turn signal switch indicates the driver turning left or right. 


Nissan High Beam IndicatorHigh Beam Indicator

​​​​​​​The high beam indicator turns on when the high beam headlights are activated. Pull the turn signal stalk back to switch between high and low beams. 

We hope you find the Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights Explained guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Nissan.


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