2015-2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 Fuse Locations

2015-2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 Fuse Locations

Need to find the Fuses and Relays on your Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205? Learn how to locate the fuse boxes of your Mercedes-Benz by following the procedures below.

Interior Driver’s Side Fuses

This fuse box is located on the side of the dashboard on the driver’s side.

w205 fuses
Location System Ampere
200 Front SAM control unit 50
201 Front SAM control unit 40
202 Alarm siren 5
203 Electric steering lock control unit 20
204 Diagnostic connector 5
205 Electronic ignition lock control unit 7.5
206 Analog clock 5
207 Climate control unit 15
208 Instrument cluster 7.5
209 Climate control operating unit 5
210 Steering column tube module control unit 5
211 Electronic Stability Program control unit 25
212 Antenna changeover switch for telephone and stationary heated 5
213 Electronic Stability Program control unit 5
214 Electric parking brake control unit 30
215 Not Used
216 Glove compartment lamp 7.5
217 Dedicated Short-Range Communications control unit 5
218 Supplemental Restraint System control unit 7.5
219 Weight sensing system (WSS) control unit 5
220 Not Used
F Relay Relay, circuit 15R  

Front Passenger Footwell

c class fuses  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

These fuses are located in the footwell on the passenger side.

w205 fuses c class

Remove the plastic cover to access the passenger fuses.

w205 c class c300 fuses
301Hybrid: Pyrofuse via high-voltage disconnect device5
302The right front door control unit30
303W205, S205, V205: Left rear door control unit30
304Valid for transmission 722: Intelligent servo module for DIRECT SELECT20
305Driver seat control unit, Heater30
306Front passenger seat control unit, Heater30
307AMG: Active engine mounts control unit5
308USA version: Electric Brake Control electrical connector30
309Emergency call system control unit10
310Active engine mounts control unit20
311Booster blower electronic blower regulator10
312Overhead control panel control unit10
313Power electronics control unit10
314The electronic differential control unit5
315Powertrain control unit5
316Supplemental Restraint System control unit7.5
317The panoramic sliding sunroof control module30
318The stationary heater control unit20
319High-voltage PTC heater5
320AIRMATIC control unit25
321Dedicated Short-Range Communications control unit5
322Head unit20
323Parking system control unit5
MF1/1Audio/COMAND display7.5
MF1/2Stereo multifunction camera7.5
MF1/3Rain/light sensor with additional functions7.5
MF1/4Driver seat control unit7.5
MF1/5Front passenger seat control unit7.5
MF1/6Steering column tube module control unit7.5
MF2/1Left front reversible emergency tensioning retractor5
MF2/2Audio/COMAND control panel5
MF2/3Right front reversible emergency tensioning retractor5
MF2/4Heads-up display5
MF2/5Multimedia connection unit5
MF2/6Hybrid: Electrical refrigerant compressor5
MF3/1Feedback line, terminal 30g, front SAM control unit5
MF3/2Radar sensors control unit5
MF3/4Driver side instrument panel button group5
MF3/5Rear air conditioning operating unit5
MF3/6Tire pressure monitor control unit5

Engine Bay Main Fuses

w205 main fuses

Main fuse box in the engine bay.

w205 fuses
100Hybrid: Vacuum pump40
101 Circuit 87/215
102Circuit 87/120
103Circuit 87/415
104Circuit 87/315
105Automatic transmission fluid auxiliary oil pump control unit15
107Electric coolant pump60
108 LED headlamp20
109Wiper motor30
110Static LED headlamp20
112Accelerator pedal sensor15
114AIRmatic compressor40
115Left horn and right horn15
118Electronic Stability Program control unit5
119Circuit 87 C2 connector sleeve15
120Circuit 87 C1 connector sleeve5
121Electronic Stability Program control unit5
122CPC relay5
125Front SAM control unit5
126Powertrain control unit5
127Hybrid: Voltage dip limiter5
128Left front lamp unit and exterior lights switch5
129Starter circuit 50 relay30
129AStarter circuit 50 relay30
GEngine compartment circuit 15 relay 
HStarter circuit 50 relay 
IVacuum pump relay (+) 
JCPC relay 
KOil pump relay 
LHorn relay 
MWiper park position heater relay 
NCircuit 87M relay 
OStarter circuit 15 relay 
PCoolant pump relay 
QVacuum pump relay (-) 
RAIRmatic relay 

Trunk Fuses

mercedes c class fuses w205

Fuse panel in the trunk area.

fuses w205  c300 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
400BlueTEC: AdBlue control unit25
401BlueTEC: AdBlue control unit15
402BlueTEC: AdBlue control unit20
403Front passenger seat partially electric seat adjustment switch30
404Valid up to 30.11.2015: Driver seat partially electric seat adjustment switch30
405Not used
406The left front door control unit30
407Not used
408W205, S205, V205: Right rear door control unit30
409Not used
410Stationary heater radio remote control receiver5
411Left front reversible emergency tensioning retractor30
412Hybrid: Battery management system control unit7.5
413Trunk lid control unit5
414Tuner unit5
415Camera cover control unit / Perfume atomizer5
416Cellular telephone system antenna amplifier/compensator7.5
417360° camera control unit / Backup camera5
418Rear seat heater control unit / Airscarf5
419Front passenger seat lumbar support adjustment control unit5
420Driver seat lumbar support adjustment control unit5
421Not used
422Not used
423Sound system amplifier control unit5
425Not used
426Not used
427Not used
428Not used
429Not used
430Not used
431Special-purpose vehicle multifunction control unit25
432Special-purpose vehicle multifunction control unit25
433Trailer recognition control unit15
434Trailer recognition control unit15
435Trailer recognition control unit25
 AMG: Electronic differential control unit 
436Trailer recognition control unit15
437Trailer recognition control unit25
438DC/AC converter control unit30
440Rear seat heater control unit / Airscarf Module30
441AIRSCARF control unit30
442Fuel system control unit25
443Right front reversible emergency tensioning retractor30
444Tablet PC electrical connector15
445S205: Luggage compartment socket15
446Front cigarette lighter with ashtray illumination15
447Right rear center console socket 12V15
448Valid for transmission 722, 725: Park pawl capacitor10
449Valid for engine 626: Fuel filter element with integrated heater5
450Rear SAM control unit5
451Fuel system control unit5
452The integrated outer right rear bumper radar sensor5
453The left front bumper radar sensor5
454Valid for transmission 722: Fully integrated transmission control unit7.5
455DC/AC converter control unit5
456The front long-range radar sensor5
458Rear switching module5
459Hybrid: Charger5
460KEYLESS-GO control unit10
461FM 1, AM, CL [ZV] and KEYLESS-GO antenna amplifier5
462Sound system amplifier control unit40
463W205, S205, V205: Rear window heater via rear window interference suppression capacitor30
464Trunk lid control unit40
465Rear SAM control unit40
466Rear SAM control unit40
467Valid for engine 626: Fuel filter element with integrated heater40
SVehicle interior circuit 15 relay 
TRear window heater relay 
U2nd seat row cup holder and sockets relay 
VAdBlue relay 
X1 st seat row/trunk refrigerator box and sockets relay 
YNot used relay 
ZR1Fuel filter heater relay 
ZR2Reserve relay 
ZR3Reserve relay 


Engine Bay Pre Fuses

large fuses

These are pre-fuses protecting critical circuits. Located near the battery.

fuses mercedes 205  c300 c250 c43

Note the fuses on the side as well, next to the battery.

We hope you find the 2015-2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 Fuse Locations guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mercedes-Benz.


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