Have problems with the warning lights on your Acura’s instrument cluster? Learn what’s the meaning of the warning light is and why the warning light on.

Standard Lights

Standard ACURA dashboard lights and warning symbols.

 Acura Anti Lock Brake SystemABS (Anti-lock braking system)

An anti-lock braking system assists the driver in having control when driving on slippery roads. If the ABS indicator light comes on, there is a problem with your braking system. Your braking capability should operate normally but with no anti-lock function.

 Acura Check Engine LightCheck Engine Light

If the check engine light comes on, the onboard diagnostic system detects a problem. The emission control system may have a problem, or your engine cylinder could be misfiring.

Acura AirbagAirbag

If the airbag indicator light comes On, it indicates that the Airbag system and the seat belt tensioner are malfunctioning. Have a professional auto mechanic check your vehicle to ensure your driving with the safety features of your Acura is functioning normally.

 Acura Engine Temperature IndicatorAcura Engine Temperature Indicator Engine Temperature Indicator

This light means the engine is overheating if it comes on while driving, and the color is red. If the color is blue, it means the engine is still cold, and hard accelerations should be avoided until the engine reaches operating temperature. Blue light is normal and typically comes on when you start the engine.

 Acura Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) If the light comes On blinking or stays On, it indicates a problem on either your TPMS or your spare tire installed. Have your tires inflated to 35 PSI.
Acura Charging System

Battery Warning Light

If the battery symbol appears on the dashboard, there is a problem with the charging system. The battery is not getting charged, or the alternator is not generating enough power. If you continue to drive with the light on, the car may eventually die, and you won’t be able to restart the vehicle.

 Acura Seat Belt Reminder

Seat Belt Reminder

The indicator blinks and beeps continuously when you begin driving while your seat belt is unfastened. Fasten your seat belt before you start driving. If the indicator blinks and beeps while your seat belt is fastened, contact a mechanic and have the system check to ensure your and your passenger’s safety.

 Acura Brake System Brake System

If the indicator light illuminates, it either means that your brake fluid level is low or a malfunction with the brake system. The light also appears when the parking brake is applied. Be sure to release the parking brake before driving if the light appears while driving, press the brake pedal lightly to check the pressure. If normal, pull over, check the brake fluid level, and add if necessary. If the braking system is not functioning, apply the engine brake by downshifting the transmission to slow and stop the vehicle. Have an auto mechanic diagnose your Acura braking system.

Acura Low Oil PressureOil Warning Light

If this light comes on, it means there is low oil pressure in the engine. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible and check the oil level. Add oil if the level is too low. If the oil warning light doesn’t turn off, do not continue driving the vehicle. Call a mechanic to have it diagnosed.

 Acura Speed Sensitive Electric Power Steering

Speed-Sensitive Electric Power Steering (EPS)

If the indicator light illuminates your electric power steering while driving, there is a problem. You should stop the vehicle in a safe place and restart your engine.

Acura Keyless Access System

Keyless Access System

When the keyless access indicator light illuminates, it means that the keyless access system is not functioning properly. Contact a mechanic and have it diagnosed.

traction control light

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) System

During cornering, if the vehicle turns more or less than desired, the VSA system stabilizes the car. The VSA system helps the driver maintain traction when driving on loose or slippery roads. If the indicator light illuminates, it indicates a problem with the VSA system and has it checked by an Acura mechanic.

 Acura SH-AWD


If the Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) indicator light illuminates, it means that the system is malfunctioning. If it’s blinking, you should stop the vehicle in a safe place and change the gear to park, and idle until the light goes off.

 Acura Blind Spot Information BSI

Blind Spot Information (BSI)

The blind spot indicator light will come on when there is a problem in the Blind Spot Information System or the sensor is blocked. Be sure to remove anything blocking the sensor or have the system checked by a professional mechanic.

 Acura Electric Parking Brake System

Electric Parking Brake System

If this indicator light illuminates, have a professional mechanic check the Electic Parking Brake System to ensure that the system is operating normally.

 Acura Collision Mitigation Braking System

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)

If the Camera is blocked or the temperature is too high, the CMBS indicator light will illuminate. Check the camera for visual inspection and remove anything that is blocking it.

 Acura Lane Departure Warning

“Lane Departure Warning Light (LDW) or Road Departure Mitigation (RDM)”

If the indicator light illuminates, the temperature is too high, or the camera is blocked. Have a visual inspection of the camera and remove anything blocking it.

 Acura Immobilizer Security System

Immobilizer or Security System

If the Immobilizer indicator light illuminates, your vehicle is not recognizing your key or remote transmitter. If it blinks, you may not be able to start the engine.

Turn the ignition switch off, press and hold the brake pedal and restart the engine. If it continues to blink, there is a problem with the system. Call a professional mechanic and have the security system checked.

 Acura Low Fuel

Low Fuel

If the Low Fuel Indicator Light illuminates, Refuel as soon as possible. If the indicator light blinks have the Fuel System diagnosed by a mechanic.

 Acura System Message

System Message

Check the display for more information whenever a malfunction indicator comes on.

 Acura Auto Idle Stop

Auto Idle Stop

Have your mechanic diagnose the Auto Idle Stop system once the indicator light illuminates to ensure that the system is functioning properly.

 Acura Adaptive Cruise Control With Low Speed Follow
Adaptive Cruise Control With Low-Speed Follow
  Acura Lane Keeping Assist System

Lane Keeping Assist System

If LKAS stays on, it indicates a problem with the lane keeps assist system.

 Acura Turn Signals or Hazards ON

Turn Signals or Hazards ON

This means the hazard lights are turned on because the flasher button on the center console was pressed.

 Acura Fog Lights ON

Fog Lights ON

Fog lights are turned on.
 Acura Exterior Lights ON

Exterior Lights ON

This means the low beams are on, or one bulb is burned.

 Acura Auto High Beam System ON

Auto High Beam System ON

This means the high beams will switch automatically when no other vehicles are on the road.

We hope you find the Acura Dashboard Warning Lights & Symbols Explained guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help with your Acura vehicle.

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