Cadillac Mass Air Flow

Cadillac Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Replacement

Are you getting poor MPG, and your Cadillac check engine light stays on? The problem may be a faulty Mass Air Flow sensor on your Cadillac.

This step-by-step guide provides instructions on changing the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor on Cadillac vehicles. Changing the mass airflow sensor on a Cadillac is easy and takes less than 30 minutes. Read the codes and verify the MAF sensor is faulty before replacing it.


  • Cadillac is hard to start or has trouble turning over
  • Engine stalls soon after starting.
  • The engine runs unusually lean or rich idling.
  • Cadillac engine drags or hesitates when idle or under load.
  • Cadillac hesitates and jerks during acceleration.
  • Cadillac engine hiccups.
  • Check Engine Light stays ON

What you will need

  • Cadillac MAF Sensor
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Torx Socket Set


  1. Park, the Cadillac, turn off the ignition, set the parking brakes, and allow the engine to cool down.
  2. Open the hood. Pull the hood release under the dashboard on the driver’s side.
    maf-sensor (1)
    Locate the mass airflow sensor next to the air filter housing.
  3. Unplug the electrical connector from your Cadillac MAF sensor. Press on the tab to unclip the connector, then pull the connector away from the MAF.cadillac maf sensor replacement diy
  4. Remove the two screws that secure the MAF sensor to the air inlet pipe.
  5. Replace the vehicle MAF Sensor from the vehicle.
  6. Install the new Cadillac MAF sensor. Tight the screws so that they are snug.
  7. Plugin the electrical connector until it locks in place.
  8. Start the vehicle and let it idle.

The check engine light will not reset immediately, and it may take up to a week to reset. If you want to erase the check engine light immediately, use an OBD-II scanner to read and clear the codes.

Check Engine Light Still On


If the check engine light is still on after you replace the mass airflow sensor, you can use the YOUCANIC Full System Scanner to clear the stored codes. This scanner can also read and clear fault codes on every control module of your Cadillac.

This guide will help owners of Cadillac ATS, CTS, XTS, CT6, XT5, Escalade, SRX, DTS, STS, BLS, and XLR learn how to change MAF sensors.

The typical cost to change a Cadillac mass airflow sensor at the dealer or mechanic costs between $250-$500.

Changing the Cadillac MAF sensor yourself typically costs under $100 when purchasing the MAF sensor online; see the link below. As shown in the following pictures, the MAF sensor is located near the air filter housing and is quite easy to change.

We hope you find the Cadillac Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Replacement guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Cadillac.


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