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BMW Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

In this guide, you will learn how to calibrate the BMW steering angle sensor.

This is a very simple procedure you can perform yourself using various scan tools.

In BMW terms the steering angle sensor is called the LWS module. If you have worked on the steering column switch, clock spring, or have problems with traction control, stability control you may need to calibrate steering angle sensor.


  1. Check front wheel alignment before carrying calibration. Many auto mechanics and repair shops offer free front wheel alignment check. 
  2. Turn the steering wheel to center, with front wheels pointing forward.  
  3. Perform steering sensor alignment/calibration
  4. Rember to clear ABS faults codes after calibration
  5. If the fault is eliminated, no further action is necessary. Otherwise, read BMW fault codes from all modules.

Calibrating BMW steering angle with Foxwell scanner

In this video, we show you how to calibrate the BMW steering angle sensor with Foxwell NT510 for BMW scanner which can be purchased online.

Calibrating BMW steering angle sensor with Autel scanner

In this video, you will learn how to perform BMW steering angle calibration using Autel Maxidas scanner.

This is a professional level scanner that offers advanced features including programming of BMW modules and coding that can only be achieved with BMW dealer scanner. 

BMW steering angle sensor calibration with DIS

  1. Diagnosis > 
  2. Select Model >
  3. Right Green Arrow > 
  4. Control unit functions >
  5. Function selection > 
  6. Service Functions > 
  7. Chassis >
  8. Steering-angle sensor >
  9. Adjustment, steering-angle sensor >
  10. Test Schedule 

BMW LWS Calibration with INPA

This video shows you how to calibrate a BMW steering angle sensor using INPA software. 

The Steering Angle Sensor must be recalibrated after repair work is performed.

Examples include wheel alignment or coding/programming of the DXC, SZL module, switch unit, clock spring etc. An incorrectly calibrated sensor may trigger DSC and other warning lamps. In most cases, it is not necessary to replace the steering angle sensor.

If calibrating the steering angle sensor doesn't fix your problem, follow this guide to learn how to troubleshoot and clean the steering angle sensor on a BMW.

The steps to calibrate BMW steering angle sensor are the same for any BMW including E46, E90, E39, E60, E65, X3, X5 or any other models.

You must verify the scanner that you will be using supports your particular BMW. Even though these scanners are designed for BMW, they may not support cover all models. Read this article to learn more about the best BMW scan tools. 

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