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Newer Acura vehicles monitor your driving habits and make adjustments to the throttle response and transmission shifting points.

The problem with this system is that, at times, it decreases throttle response and causes erratic shifting. 

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Reset Acura ECU

  1. Turn key to position II. If your Acura has a START/STOP button, press it twice without depressing the brake pedal. DO NOT START THE ENGINE. Turn off the lights and radio.acura ecu engine transmission reset
  2. Your Acura dash lights should be on at this point. Within 5 seconds of turning on the ignition, press the gas pedal, and keep it pressed for 30 seconds.reset acura using gas pedal
  3. Turn the car off and restart it. There will be no confirmation or beep, but at this point, the ECU and transmission have been reset. If unsure, repeat the procedure one more time.reset acura transmission engine shift memory
  4. Drive your Acura to reset acura transmission

This procedure does not work on all Acura vehicles.

Performing these steps will not cause any side effects if it does not apply to your model. 

Rember this procedure is carried out with the engine turned off and the ignition on. This method should help make your Acura feel more responsive and hopefully shift better.

If you are trying to reset the check engine light, you will need to use an OBD2 scanner and connect it to the diagnostic port under the dashboard on the driver's side. 

This method will reset ECU and transmission to default factory values. It will not erase any settings or fault codes other than user recorded data. If your Acura is not new, this method will not have any effect.