Cadillac Battery Light Stays On

Cadillac Battery Light Stays On

Is your Cadillac battery light on? Are you getting “Battery not charging” on your dashboard (DIC)?

When the battery light stays on or flashes on a Cadillac dashboard, the charging system is not working properly, and the vehicle may turn off unexpectedly.

check cadillac battery voltage

The first step in troubleshooting Cadillac battery problems is checking the DIC’s battery voltage by pressing the vehicle information button until the Battery Voltage is displayed.

Battery voltage should be 11.5 when the engine is off and up to 15.5-volt when the engine is running.

If the battery voltage is below this range, allow the battery to charge by letting the car idle. If your Cadillac battery is old or not holding a charge, you need to replace it.

If the message or battery light stays on, you must test the charging system, including the battery and alternator. This test can be performed by your Cadillac dealer, auto mechanic, or yourself if you have the right tool.

Below you will find instructions on how to test the Cadillac battery and charging system yourself.


  • Cadillac battery light stays on
  • The alternator won’t charge the battery
  • The car keeps dying or won’t start.
  • Cadillac keeps dying after a few minutes.
  • The engine cranks very slowly.
  • Electrical issues and warnings on DIC
  • Lights dim or flickering
  • Cadillac stalls or is hard to start.
  • The battery keeps on dying overnight.

Possible Causes

The problem can be caused by:

  • Bad alternator
  • Old battery
  • Poor ground connection
  • Voltage regulator
  • Blown fuse
  • Bad relay
  • Parasitic draw

Cadillac electrical issues can be tricky and challenging to figure out.

Battery Saver Active

If a Battery Saver Active message is displayed on the DIC, the voltage drops below the recommended level of 11.5 volts.

Your Cadillac will restrict power to certain features, power options, and accessories to allow the battery to charge.

You should turn off any unnecessary accessories such as:

  • Defrosters
  • Air Conditioning
  • GPS
  • Lights

Battery Voltage Too Low

If the battery in your Cadillac is discharged significantly and the voltage is below 10 volts, a message will show on DIC stating BATTERY VOLTS LOW. In such cases, you may need to jump-start your Cadillac.

You will need to drive or let your Cadillac idle for at least 30 minutes or longer to charge the battery. Another option is to use a 12 Volt Battery Charger to bring your Cadillac battery back to fully charged status.

Diagnose Cadillac Charging System

Follow the steps below to check the Cadillac vehicle’s battery, charging system, and alternator.

What you will need

  • Car Charging System Analyzer


  1. Park your Cadillac in a safe area. Set the parking brakes and turn off the ignition. park cadillac vehicle
  2. Pull the hood release under the dashboard and open the hood.
  3. Locate the battery. It will be in the engine bay or under the rear passenger seat. cadillac battery
  4. Newer Cadillac vehicles have a plastic cover on top of the battery in the engine bay. If that’s the case, remove the cover to access the battery’s positive and negative terminals. cadillac battery positive test terminal
  5. If your Cadillac has the battery installed under the rear seat or trunk, you will see a positive jump-starting terminal in the engine bay. Use this post and bare metal on the car chassis to test the charging system.
  6. Connect the red clamp on the positive battery terminal or jump-start post. cadillac positive terminal
  7. Connect the negative clamp on the negative terminal. cadillac negative terminal
  8. Test Battery & Alternator. Perform a battery and alternator test procedure.

These instructions work on:

  • ATS
  • CTS
  • XTS
  • CT6
  • XT5
  • Escalade
  • SRX
  • DTS
  • STS
  • BLS
  • XLR
  • DeVille

We hope you find the Cadillac Battery Light Stays On guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Cadillac.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had the exact same issue going to have this check at brakes plus tomorrow. What was the end result with your Cadillac?

  2. Anonymous says:

    My Cadillac CTS has a brand new battery and it is dieing over night any help would be grate I have checked the alternator and the stater and the battery after it died the first time and it was all good

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was getting the battery warning âš  on my Cadillac cts. Changed the battery since it was old anyway. No luck. Now I have to go test the alternator because it is only showing 11 âš¡.

  4. Anonymous says:

    All warning lights come on. Cadillac service department says it’s showing low voltage on battery. Replaced
    battery myself but a few days later same thing happened. I either need an alternator or have a parasitic battery drain problem. Not sure, but I need to check the alterntor for sure.