diagnose suzuki using obd2 scanner

Reset Suzuki Check Engine Light | Clear DTCs

Have troubles with the Check Engine Light on your Suzuki? Learn how to read and clear fault codes using an OBD-II scanner. Follow the procedures below to fix your Suzuki check engine light problem.

What you will need


The YOUCANIC Full System Scanner can read and clear fault codes through every control module of a Suzuki vehicle. It supports every vehicle make and model.


  1. Locate the OBD-II port under the dashboard and plug in your scanner. suzuki check engine light reset port
  2. Turn on the ignition but do not start the engine. Allow your scanner to power up and load.
  3. Select Suzuki. If you are using a generic scanner, select OBD-II.
  4. Scroll down to Read Fault Codes (DTC)
    PXL 20220312 003004456
  5. Then, press “OK.”
  6. Wait a moment, and the fault codes will be displayed on your OBD2 Scanner. Write down all of the codes.

Have all the fault codes in the previous step fixed.

Go to the main menu. Scroll down and select Erase Codes. Fault Codes will be cleared, and your Suzuki check engine light will turn off.

Turn off the ignition, wait 10 seconds, and start the engine.

You must read the codes and find and repair the problem that caused the check engine light to come on. You should reset your Suzuki check engine light (service engine soon).

These instructions work on 1996 Suzuki vehicles such as the:

  • Alto
  • Celerio
  • Equator
  • Forenza
  • Grand Vitara
  • Ignis
  • Jimny
  • Kizashi
  • Liana / Aerio
  • Reno
  • Splash
  • Swift
  • SX4
  • Vitara
  • Wagon R Wide
  • Wagon R+
  • XL-7

Can I reset a Suzuki check engine light without fixing the problem?

If you clear your Suzuki fault codes without fixing the problem that triggered the light in the first place, your check engine light will come back on.

Depending on the issue, your Suzuki check engine light may turn on right away, or it can take up to a few days to return.


There are hundreds of possible problems that can cause the check engine light on your Suzuki to stay on. The most common issues are spark plugs, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converter failure. Instead of guessing what is wrong, use an OBD-II scanner to read the fault codes.

We hope you find the Reset Suzuki Check Engine Light | Clear DTCs guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Suzuki.


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