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By rhila on May 31, 2019

Mercedes Turbocharger Supercharger Wastegate Solenoid Replacement

On vehicles, with turbo or superchargers, a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal is sent from the ECU to activate the wastegate solenoid. On Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with turbocharger or supercharger check engine light may come on if the wastegate solenoid fails or if there is wire harness issue.

In this guide, you will learn how to replace the Mercedes-Benz Turbocharger/Supercharger Wastegate Solenoid. 


  • Check engine light on
  • Loss of power
  • Bost limited exceeded or reduced
  • Warning message on dashboard

Related fault codes P0243, P0244, P0250, P0245, P0246.

Common Causes

Wastegate boost pressure control solenoid sometimes may be referred to as boost bypass solenoid. 

In addition to the turbocharger/supercharger wastegate solenoid, the problem could also be:

  • damaged wires,
  • short to ground,
  • bad connector 
  • corroded contacts
  • defective ECU. 

What you will need


  1. Park your Mercedes-Benz on level ground and allow the engine to cool down. park mercedes
  2. Set the parking brakes then pull the hood release under the dashboard to open the hood. open hood


  3. Remove the air intake pipe. Twist the plastic screw to unlock the plastic screw. Then pull away the intake pipe. remove air intake
  4. Disconect the electrical connector from the wastegate solenoid. First you will need to release the small locking tab the pull on the connector. 
    disconnect  MERCEDES OEM Turbo Turbocharger-Wastegate Control Solenoid Valve 0001531159
    Verify that power is going to the solenid. Use a digital multimeter to check if there is 12 volt going to the solenoid. Rember to turn on the ignition when you check the voltage. 
  5. Remove all bolts that secure the waste solenoid to the engine block.MERCEDES OEM Turbo Turbocharger-Wastegate Control Solenoid Valve 0001531159 In this case we have three bolts that need to be removed with a 5mm allen keyremove MERCEDES OEM Turbo Turbocharger-Wastegate Control Solenoid Valve 0001531159
  6. Remove the wastegate solenoid from the engine. MERCEDES OEM Turbo Turbocharger-Wastegate Control Solenoid Valve 0001531159
  7. Install the new Tubocharger/Wastegate control solenoid valve. Make sure the O ring or gasket are seated properly. MERCEDES OEM Turbo Turbocharger-Wastegate Control Solenoid Valve 0001531159  removal installation location diy
  8. Thread all the bolts by hand then torque to 14 ft-lb. MERCEDES OEM Turbo Turbocharger-Wastegate Control Solenoid Valve 0001531159





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