Is there a warning light displayed on your Dodge dashboard? Learn the warning light’s meaning and know possible solutions to fix the problem by checking the list below.

This guide will explain Chrysler Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols.

Dodge Anti-Lock Brake System Fault Indicator


Anti-Lock Brake System Fault Indicator

The system detected a fault if the ABS light remains on with the engine running. The ABS needs to be serviced. Use an OBDII ABS Scan Tool to read the diagnostic trouble codes stored in the body module.

Common ABS malfunctions include:

Dodge Service Engine Soon IndicatorDodge check engine lightCheck engine light


Service Engine Soon Indicator

The check engine light or service engine soon lights when the onboard diagnostic system detects a problem with the engine, emission system, or transmission. 

A fault code is stored in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and can be retrieved with an OBD-II scanner to determine what is wrong with the vehicle. 

Common problems that cause the check engine light to stay on:

  • Loose fuel cap
  • P0420 catalytic converter failure
  • Emission control system failure
  • O2 sensor failure
  • Dirty Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor


Dodge  Air Bag Warning LightDodge SRS AIRBAG LIGHT

Air Bag Warning Light

If the airbag light turns on and stays on with the engine running, it means the airbags are not functioning properly and have been disengaged. Use a professional OBDII scan tool that can read airbag codes from the body module of the vehicle. Be careful servicing any airbags, as a faulty discharge can lead to injury or death.

Common causes of the airbag warning light staying on:

  • Dead battery
  • Faulty clock spring
  • A damaged passenger weight sensor
Dodge Engine Temperature Indicator Dodge Engine Temperature Indicator


Engine Temperature Indicator

The blue engine temperature indicator means the engine is cold and warming up to temp. This lamp will go off once the engine has reached temp.

If the red engine temp indicator comes on, this means the vehicle is overheating. Pull over immediately and turn the engine off. Allow the car to cool down and check the coolant level safely. If low on coolant, fill the coolant to a safe level once the car has cooled down. Service the vehicle’s cooling system to get rid of symptoms of overheating.

Common causes of engine temperature warning lamp:

  • Coolant hose, heater core, or radiator leak
  • Bad thermostat or cooling fans
  • Faulty engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Bad head gasket.
  • Water pump failure.
Dodge Tire Pressure Monitor Indicator


Tire Pressure Monitor Indicator

This light means there is a fault in the tire pressure monitor system. Check to ensure all tires have correct tire pressures as listed on the door jam. The position and pressure of the tires will be displayed on the information displayed on applicable models. 

Once tire pressure has been corrected, drive the vehicle; if the light stays on after driving a few miles, the light may need to be reset by TPMS reset procedure or TPMS reset tool. If the light remains on, there is likely a fault in the system.

Common causes of TPMS warning lamp:

  • One or more underinflated tires.
  • A faulty tire pressure monitor system sensor
Dodge Charge system Trouble Indicator


Charge System Trouble Indicator

The battery warning indicator means there is a fault in the electrical/charging system of the vehicle. Check to see if the alternator serpentine belt is not broken. Have the battery and alternator tested with a cranking and charging system tester. 

Common causes of the battery warning light:

  • Alternator not charging
  • Broken serpentine belt
  • Bad battery not holding charge
  • Loose battery cable
Dodge  Low Washer Fluid Indicator


Low Washer Fluid Indicator

This light means that the windshield washer fluid level is low. Add windshield washer fluid to the reservoir in the engine bay. The windshield washer fluid reservoir has a blue top with the same symbol. 

Dodge  Low Fuel Indicator


Low Fuel Indicator

This light means that the fuel level is low. It will remain on until fuel is added. This warning lets the driver know to get to a gas station before running out of fuel. Driving on a low fuel level causes the fuel pump to work harder and can lead to premature wear.

Common causes of low fuel lamp:

  • Low fuel
  • Faulty fuel pump float
Dodge Oil Warning LightDodge Oil Warning Light


Oil Warning Light

This light means the oil pressure is low. Pull over immediately and shut off the engine. Wait at least 5 minutes, then check the oil level with the engine off. If the oil level is low, add engine oil to bring the level between the dipstick’s MIN and MAX marks. 

Do not drive the vehicle or keep it running on idle if the oil light stays on. Doing so can lead to serious engine problems. Call an auto mechanic for advice or tow the vehicle to a repair shop nearby. 

Possible causes of oil warning lamp:

  • Bad oil pressure sending sensor
  • Failed oil pump
  • Worn piston rings
  • Blocked oil passages
  • Low oil or oil that has turned to sludge from never changing it
Dodge Brake Trouble Indicators


Brake Light

The brake light being on means there is a faulty brake system. Use your best judgment when deciding to drive the vehicle. Driving with a brake malfunction can be dangerous. Pull over if the brake pedal feels soft or goes to the floor. Check the brake fluid level, and do not drive if it is low.

Common causes of the brake light on:

  • Brake system malfunction
  • Low brake fluid level
  • The parking brake is on (light may illuminate yellow instead of red in this case)
Dodge Economy Mode Operation IndicatorDodge ECO Mode Indicator


Economy Mode Operation Indicator

Economy mode or eco mode means the vehicle has adjusted engine and transmission function to cut down on fuel consumption. It adjusts the shift point and the amount of throttle and torque applied to the engine when accelerating. This mode can be turned off by selecting a different mode such as normal or sport mode, by pushing the dash buttons. 

Dodge High Beam Indicator


High Beam Indicator

This light means the high beams are turned on. You should only use this setting if you are the only vehicle on the road. Do not keep the high beams on if traffic is oncoming in the opposite direction.

Pull the turn switch towards the back of the vehicle to turn off the high beam. 

Dodge  Lane Keeping IndicatorDodge Lane sense Indicator


Lane Keeping Indicator

This light means that lane-keeping is enabled. While enabled, the vehicle will self-correct itself to the center of the driving lane if it veers out of the lane markers. A warning will flash on the fash, and an audible chime can be heard. If the steering wheel is turned while correcting, the driver will have control of the vehicle.

Dodge Stability Control Indicator


Stability Control Indicator

The stability control indicator flashing means the stability control has been activated. Engine speed and brakes will be controlled to regain control of a swerving vehicle. 

If the stability control light stays on solid, the system has a fault and is not active. An ABS scan tool that can pull codes from the ABS and body control module will be needed to diagnose this fault.

Common stability control problems:

  • Faulty steering angle or wheel speed sensors/contaminated sensors
  • Faulty ABS
  • Faulty power steering system
  • Engine problems such as misfiring cylinders
Dodge  Turn Signal Indicator


Turn Signal Indicator

The turn signal indicator means the turn signal stalk has activated a turn signal. The turn signal indicator should flash at a steady pace. If the flash is rapid or the lamp stays steady, there is a fault. 

Common turn signal indicator issues:

  • The turn signal switch is faulty. 
  • Burnt out/ bad turn signal bulb
Dodge Door AjarDodge Trunk Ajar Indicator


Door or Trunk Ajar

The door or trunk ajar indicator means that one of the vehicle’s entry points is not closed properly. Check the doors and the trunk to see if they are closed. If they are all completely closed and the light is still on, there is a malfunction.

Common problems with door or trunk staying ajar:

  • Worn-out door latches/ strikers
  • Faulty door ajar sensor
Dodge Park Lamps ON Indicator


Park Lamps ON Indicator

This light means the parking lights have been turned on. Pressing the headlight dial can turn the park lamps on and off. If it is not on the headlight switch, it may be on the dash. Turn the park lamps off to get rid of this indicator.

Dodge  Seat Belt Reminder


Seat Belt Reminder

This light means that one or more passenger in the vehicle has not fastened the seat belt. This warning will have a chime that repeats and gets faster the longer the seatbelt is unfastened. Ensure all the passengers have their seatbelt fastened for this warning indicator to go off. If all seatbelts are fastened, and the seat belt light stays on, there is a fault.

Common seat belt warning malfunctions:

  • Faulty seat belt sensor
  • Faulty seat pressure sensor
  • Seatbelt not fastened
Dodge  Stability Control OFF Indicator


Stability Control OFF Indicator

This light means that stability control has been turned off. Stability control may have been turned off because you pressed the button on the dashboard or a problem with the system. If this lamp stays on after the ignition is in the ON position and the vehicle is running, the stability control system is disengaged due to a fault. A professional-grade OBDII scan tool will be needed to read the body diagnostic trouble codes stored. 

Common causes of the stability control off light:

  • Faulty steering angle or wheel speed sensors/contaminated sensors
  • Faulty ABS system
  • Faulty power steering system
  • Engine problems such as misfiring cylinders
Dodge Security Indicator


Security Indicator

This light means the security system is armed or being armed. While being armed, the light will flash fast for fifteen seconds. Once set, the warning will continue to flash every three seconds until disarmed.

Dodge Fog Lamp Indicator


Fog Lamp Indicator

This light means mean the front fog lights are turned on. To turn off the fog lights and indicator, push the headlight switch control knob. 

Dodge Forward Collision Alert IndicatorDodge Collision Mitigation Fault Indicator

Collision Mitigation Fault Indicator

This light means that the forward collision warning is active. Forward collision will try to mitigate any oncoming front-end collision by braking and decelerating the vehicle. If there is an exclamation, the forward collision system has failed. 

A failing forward collision system may be caused by:

  • Bad forward camera
  • Bad sonar sensor
  • A fault with ABS or brakes


Dodge Adaptive Cruise control Trouble or ON IndicatorDodge Adaptive Cruise Control IndicatorDodge Adaptive Cruise Control Indicator

Adaptive Cruise Control

This light means that adaptive cruise control (ACC) is on. While this is active, the vehicle will cruise at a set speed and will slow down if approaching a vehicle in front of it.

If the exclamation point is next to the adaptive cruise control light, there is a fault that needs to be serviced. Diagnostic trouble codes can be scanned with an ABS scan tool.

Dodge Cruise Control IndicatorDodge Cruise Control Indicator


Cruise Control Indicator

This light means that cruise control has been enabled. The vehicle will keep a constant speed. Cruise control will turn off if you press the brakes. 

Note that in this case, there is no adaptive cruise control. The vehicle will not keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. 

Dodge SPORT mode IndicatorDodge SPORT mode Indicator


Sport Mode  Indicator

The sport mode indicator means that the sport mode is active. Sport mode automatically adjusts the transmission, throttle, and steering for a sportier feel. Shifting is quicker,  acceleration is quicker, and steering is more responsive. To turn the light off and return the car to normal driving mode, push the sport mode button or normal button on the dash. 

Dodge Electronic Throttle Control Indicator


Electronic Throttle Control Indicator

This light means a problem with the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) system has occurred. Pull over when possible and cycle the ignition to reset the throttle. See if the problem persists. If the light stays on, the vehicle will need to be serviced. Have the diagnostic trouble codes read with an OBD-II scanner.

Dodge Loose Gas Cap Indicator


Loose Gas Cap Indicator

This light means the gas cap was not tightened or left off. Check the gas cap to see if it’s properly tightened, and drive the vehicle an ignition cycle to see if the light goes off. If the gas were overfilled, it would also set this off until the gas has had time to evaporate from the charcoal canister.

Dodge Tow Mode IndicatorDodge Tow Mode Indicator


Tow Mode Indicator

The tow mode indicator means the tow mode for hauling heavy loads or towing has been enabled. While this configuration is enabled, stability control and trailer sway control can prevent the vehicle from losing control. This mode can be enabled or disabled by touching the tow mode indicator on the touch screen display.

Dodge Start Stop  System and Trouble IndicatorDodge Start Stop  System and Trouble Indicator


Start-Stop  System and Trouble Indicator

This light means the auto start-stop function has had a fault. Have the vehicle scanned with a professional OBDII scan tool. The vehicle will need to be serviced to turn off this warning indicator. If the light came on after a new battery install, it might be the wrong kind of battery causing the problem.

Dodge Drive Mode



Dodge Drive Mode

Drive Mode

The track drive mode means the vehicle’s suspension has been modified for the best performance on a track. The paddle shifters and engine performance have also been modified to the best setting for a track environment. To enable or disable this mode, touch it on the touchscreen display. 


The custom drive mode means that the driver’s favorite settings can be customized to give whatever driving experience they are looking for. These can be modified here, such as engine, transmission, steering, and suspension. To enable or disable this mode, touch it on the touchscreen display.

Dodge Valet Mode Indicator


Valet Mode Indicator

The valet mode indicator means the vehicle is in valet mode. While putting the vehicle in valet mode, a PIN will be set only to be disabled with the PIN. Touch valet mode on the touch screen and enter the PIN to set it. While in valet mode, the engine performance and speed of the vehicle will be limited, and the full function of the vehicle will not be available.

Dodge Speed Warning Indicator


Speed Warning Indicator

This light means a set speed has been exceeded. This warning light can be adjusted to whatever speed the driver sets. It is adjusted or turned off in the information display settings. Refer to the owner manual for more information on where to turn it off.

Dodge All Wheel Drive Fault Indicator


All Wheel Drive Fault Indicator

This all-wheel-drive indicator means that the AWD is disengaged. It may be disabled or faulty. To turn it back on, check if there is an AWD Off button on the dash/console and press it; if there is not a button, check to see if a fuse is in the FWD slot under the hood and remove it.  

If the AWD indicator is flashing, the system is malfunctioning. The tires may be mismatched in size, or they may be underinflated. If the tires are correct, there may be a greater mechanical failure. Take the vehicle to be serviced.

Many of these lights on a Dodge are meant to inform the driver when a system is enabled. 

A few of these lights indicate a problem or malfunction and inform the driver that that system has been disabled.

diagnose Dodge warning lights

To find out what is wrong with these systems, use an All System Dodge Scanner to read the fault codes from the corresponding module.  Note that most OBD-II scanners can only reach check engine codes and cannot diagnose other systems such as airbags, ABS, traction control, etc. 

We hope you find the Dodge Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Dodge.

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