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Trim levels indicate what equipment is included with a certain model of car. Trim may also refer to the interior or exterior metal or plastic molding and other decorative additions. The trim level with the fewest features or equipment is called the "base model," The trim level with the most is called a "fully loaded" model

  • The trim level is often designated by a pair of letters, for example, DX, LX, LS, and can also be defined as numerical codes.
  • Manufacturers sometimes sell bundles of options and common packages consisting of the trim or appearance package, which may include special body paint colorsUpgraded interior trim pieces, sports performance packages, which include engine upgrades, handling upgrades, towing packages which may include a heavy-duty radiator, large cooling fans, extra transmission cooling provisions; safety packages may include seat belt pretensioners, extra airbags, electronic stability, and control.


 A tramp is the hopping up and down of a wheel at higher speeds. This is usually due to wheel and tire imbalance or runout or a defective strut or shock absorber